How HardwareZone Coupons is operated

For customers who have utilised HardwareZone Coupons to find promo codes and vouchers, understanding the process by which we source and verify discounts across our extensive network of over 200 store pages may be of interest.

In the spirit of transparency, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the inner workings of HardwareZone Coupons, including our meticulous sourcing strategiess and validation process that are conducted. With over a decade of industry experience, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we employ to provide our customers with the most exceptional discounts available.

How the coupons are sourced

  • Brands and affiliate partners

    At HardwareZone Coupons, we prioritize sourcing voucher codes and discount offers through our extensive network of affiliate partners to ensure that our customers receive reliable and trustworthy deals. Close collaboration with our partners to verify the validity of all offers and promptly update any changes that may occur is our key to success. This approach also enables us to showcase exclusive promo codes that may be less readily available on the retailer's pages.

    Additionally, we have established direct partnerships with our readers' favourite stores, such as, Agoda, Lazada and Zalora. This is particularly noteworthy as they work closely with us to provide detailed offers on travel savings and also significant discounts on various items across categories, from fashion and electronics to home and living items. These collaborations allow us to offer exclusive vouchers to our readers, further enhancing their online shopping experience and maximising their savings potential.

  • Exclusive promo codes and discounts

    HardwareZone Coupons team strives to provide our customers with the best possible deals and exclusive promo codes for new and returning customers. Our team works diligently to secure exclusive voucher codes that cannot be found elsewhere or with a higher discount. As previously mentioned, we work closely with the most popular Singapore online stores you shop at, allowing us to offer our users the best exclusive deals.

    Not only do we strive to offer the best deals, but we also value your preferences. We take note of the promotions that our users find most popular and make a concerted effort to bring them back in the future. Our exclusive discounts are a result of our partnership with HardwareZone, which enables us to negotiate better deals with brands and affiliate partners. This partnership also allows us to reach a wider audience, all of whom are looking for ways to save.

  • Hand-sourced deals

    The team at HardwareZone Coupons will go through each section of the brand’s website to find the best discounts and promo codes, which allows us to find hidden and secret vouchers, too.

    Not only product-specific promo codes, but the team often went to great lengths to find the codes on the checkout page and the brand’s partner discount page, such as their bank partners.

    This process allows customers to find all of the available discount codes they need on one page.

How do we verify the discount?

Whenever the HardwareZone team finds a promo code, it is also tested to check for the validity of the discounts and even the activation conditions. The team goes to great lengths to replicate the customers' shopping journey and use the code on the checkout page.

This manual process is regularly implemented not only for new promo codes but also for the existing vouchers that are available on the pages. If promo codes are not working, we remove them from the page to make way for valid and working discounts for customers. The brand partners are also notified to either extend the quota or the availability date of the codes.

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