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Welcome to HardwareZone Coupons & Global Savings Group

Our goal at Global Savings Group is to offer shoppers at HardwareZone Coupons the best value when it comes to online shopping by presenting you the latest deals and saving tips.

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How we save you money

The HardwareZone Coupons website helps customers save money by making it easy and fast to use promo codes, rewards, and other ways to save money. Our saving experts verify the promo codes before they go live on the HardwareZone website. Furthermore, customers have unlimited access to saving tips and tricks to plan their daily purchases and maximize their savings.

We are also committed to improving our service by introducing new features such as Rewards, Best Buys options and seasonal savings articles, as well as constantly expanding our range of merchants to ensure that you have a wide range of options and discounts to pick from.

In addition to concentrating on the development of savings opportunities, we aim to foster a culture of making better purchases with informed decisions that will undoubtedly benefit your savings and spending. This has allowed us to assist modern Singaporean Online Shoppers in saving one million dollars annually.


Our cooperation with HardwareZone enables us to offer you the finest service

HardwareZone and Global Savings Group (GSG) have partnered to become Singapore's #1 Promo Codes & Coupons publisher, helping millions of consumers save on their online purchases. As the leading shopping community platform, our vision is to reach as many shoppers as possible nationwide and collaborate with an extensive array of retailers in Singapore and globally. GSG's innovative approach to affiliate marketing has earned us recognition with the 2019 Industry Disruptor Award in both the United Kingdom and the United States. This success is partly due to our transparent and strong connections with retailers and affiliate networks, which allow us to deliver attractive promo codes and significant savings to consumers consistently.

Our collective vision is to connect with as many shoppers as possible and partner with different brands and stores, from big international names to small local shops while developing innovative savings options to offer the best discounts to customers in Singapore. HardwareZone has provided us access to connect with thousands of shoppers while we have offered our knowledge to help their readers make educated purchasing choices.

Thanks to the partnership, HardwareZone Coupons thrives on earned commissions from consumers using discount codes, with a share going to HardwareZone for mutual growth. Through this strategic partnership, we can connect with millions of shoppers annually, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the commerce content sector, and offer consumers the best saving opportunities.

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Talented, Dedicated E-Commerce & Savings Experts

The enthusiastic and talented team at GSG are working hard daily to create every piece of content with great attention, ensuring you receive the best possible deals and savings tips guaranteed to save you big dollars. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that we can promote accurate, valid and timely offers you can use for your purchases and orders.

So start filling up your cart with all your beloved brands, and take advantage of the best-clicked deals right now!

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How we make money

Through affiliate marketing, we collaborate with online stores to provide exclusive promo codes, offers, vouchers, and savings tips for over 350 retailers, including many of your favourites, on our website. We make a small commission for every successful sale we have directed to these retailers. The partnership is constantly in touch with hundreds of retailers in Singapore to ensure we never miss the latest discounts, promotions and exclusive promo codes to help customers save on every purchase.

We may also receive fixed fees from our partnerships in exchange for spotlighting specific brands on our campaign pages. However, we will only accept payments of offers we are genuinely attracted to, and never a lame deal. Sometimes we don't profit off those deals, but we still add it to the HardwareZone Coupons Page because they are just too good to miss.

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