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11.11 BIG SALE 2020

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It’s a day dedicated to you! Appreciate yourself, treat yourself, value yourself on this Single’s day!

Splurge on the greatest sale of the year: 11.11 Sale!

The global famous Single’s day sale is here. The sale that falls on the 11th of November, marking the 11.11 date as a special dedication to celebrate singledom! It is human nature that we often forget our needs and our self in the midst of family, studies, work, and stress especially during this pandemic. Hence, in the spirit of celebrating oneself, online stores are giving exclusive offers, discounts, and deals to encourage people to value ourselves more. In the past years, retailers around Asia have been avidly participating in this sale, making it one of the massive revolutionary online sale day!

You deserve to treat yourself

What a year it has been! We all agree at this point in time, you deserve to spend a victory celebration for holding it together, being strong, and still fighting throughout the current situation in Singapore. The Singles Day Sale which is also known as the 11.11 Sale is a sale event solely designed precisely for that. Compared to previous years, this year’s 11.11 Sale is here to not just give you amazing offers and special Singles Day discounts, but also to boost your positivity to keep up with the crazy times as well as for you to take a moment to celebrate your life.

Make use of this Opportunity!

The 11.11 Sale event also marks the beginning of the Year End Sale promotions. It is time for you to get everything you have been longing for or eyeing on! Various online stores and marketplaces will be participating in this big sale event to provide crazy discounts and price cuts. So be sure to get your hands on your daily needs, fashion wears and accessories, tech gadgets, electronics, home & living goods, and many more with an extra 11.11 Sale discount by using our promo codes.

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